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skam spagna netflix

  • Diciembre 29, 2020

Il 15 maggio, 10 nuovi episodi, saranno disponibili su TIMVISION e su Netflix. Monday 11:22am. Try Drive for free. Party tomorrow (Friday 5:15pm). Did he text you? End of the party (Saturday 2:17am). Movistar + A bit of an asshole (Tuesday 5:03pm). I can't with this (Tuesday 2:30pm). Brave (Friday 10:45pm). Todos los capítulos y traducciones en: skamspain.tumblr.com TIMVision Plus su Smart Tv. Friday 7:32pm Someone special (Saturday 11:31am). Tráiler de la nueva serie de Movistar 'SKAM', Trailer SKAM España Temporada 3 Movistar +, Trailer Viri SKAM España Temporada 3 Movistar +, Trailer SKAM España Temporada 4 Movistar +, Trailer SKAM España- Temporada 4 - Movistar+, Episodes 4x03, 4x04 and 4x05 show his POV as well, Episodes 4x06 and 4x07 show her POV as well, Episodes 4x01 and 4x02 show his POV as well. I’m not gonna look at him (Monday 11:39am). The actresses of Skam. Even for educational purposes. We are not breaking up (Monday 5:32pm). I'm a bit late on watching this series but I'm really impressed with it, I'm hooked - but this particular scene was just a masterpiece. La prima risorsa italiana dedicata alla serie tv "Skam", per seguire gli ultimi aggiornamenti, trovare foto, video, gif e altro ancora! Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. Zeppelin TV Clips: Pariah (Monday 8:21am). Esistono altre soluzioni legali per vedere Netflix all’estero, come ad esempio l’utilizzo di un server proxy, ma non sono certo al livello della soluzione da noi raccomandata. Last night together (Saturday 8:15pm). Clips: You’re not gonna believe it (Sunday 10:40pm). I’m all yours (Friday 2:25pm). You're scaring me (Saturday 6:45pm). Clips: Great plan (Monday 11:13am). Excuses (Tuesday 2:38pm). Clips: Be with the rule (Monday 8:16am). Starting with Season 2, clips are posted onto YouTube. I can change (Thursday 2:33pm). (Tuesday 11:33am). What's normal (Tuesday 7:09pm). Clips: How can I ignore someone? Skipping class (Monday 10:08am). Skam España shares the same set up as the original series, which is posting clips throughout the week as well as social media posts and texts. Itching (Wednesday 5:23pm). 29-mag-2019 - Esplora la bacheca "SKAM España" di The Last Anonymus su Pinterest. Walk of shame (Saturday 9:18am). (Wednesday 10:17am). Asleep (Monday 8:22am). Dodge a bullet (Sunday 12:17pm). The weirdos (Saturday 7:30pm). Find it really valuable. ... Skam — a teenage drama following the daily ins and outs of student life at … My "no" says it all (Friday 11:17am). Clips: What do we tell her? You weren’t in the mood (Thursday 8:15pm). Viri with the junk (Thursday 11:12am). 2-dic-2018 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da Everything is Skam. (Wednesday 11:16am). To celebrate the launch of Season 5, the stars of "The Expanse" recommend the essential episodes that you need to rewatch. Location Was this review helpful to you? Skam España (also referred to as Skam Spain) is the Spanish international remake of Norwegian Skam. First time (Wednesday 6:32pm). My parents aren’t home (Thursday 2:26pm). An italian version of the acclaimed and innovative Norwegian youth series Skam, which follows a group of teenagers in their everyday life of school, love and leisure time. Le storie di Eva, Martino, Eleonora e Sana e di tutti gli altri protagonisti della serie rivelazione degli ultimi anni, sono in qualche modo irripetibili per il loro realismo e la grande varietà dei temi trattati. Original release Beatriz Arias (S1-4)Jon de la Cuesta (S1-2)Alberto Grondona (S3-4)Sergio Granda (S4), Irene Ferreiro Nicole Wallace Celia Monedero Hajar Brown, Ismael CallejaFran AraujoRafa TaboadaPilar BlascoBegoña Álvarez. A close up look into those Spanish classrooms where things aren't going as well as they should. (Thursday 8:16am). Por ejemplo : Los 100, Stranger Things, ... 22 de enero de 2021 en Netflix. Like everything (Tuesday 11:34am). Created by Everything is wrong (Wednesday 1:28pm). [7] In early March, fans discovered that there was an image file on SKAM Espana's website named "BANNER-SKAM_prueba.jpg" featuring Cris,[8] leading to speculation that she would be the main for the season. SKAM ESPAÑA is a portrait of the generation of boys and girls born since the year 2000. 2:44. Party! Clips: Lapses (Monday 9:15am). ... Netflix. Then the file replaced by another image, this time featuring Nora,[9] and subsequently Amira,[10] Lucas[11] and then a Pomeranian. The worst party in the world (Saturday 10:45pm). About Viri (Friday 11:16am). Skam, Season 2, Episode 3, English Subtitles ... ‘Quite a few flaws’ with Netflix’s depiction of Margaret Thatcher - Former Thatcher aide. A third and fourth season had been confirmed to air in 2020. Skam España è una serie televisiva spagnola adolescenziale del 2018 creata da Begoña Álvarez e José Ramón Ayerra. Rome (Friday 12:00am). Everything said (Wednesday 2:32pm). An American version of the acclaimed and innovative Norwegian youth series Skam, which follows a group of teenagers in their everyday life of school, love and leisure time. I didn't notice anything (Thursday 11:29pm). Thursday 9:12pm. Truth or dare (Saturday 8:07pm). Blank focuses on life after high school and the struggles of entering adulthood. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Clips: This account is private (Sunday 11:45pm). TIMVISION presenta in associazione con Netflix, l’attesissima quarta stagione di SKAM Italia, una serie Cross Productions – TIMVISION, di cui è stato appena lanciato il trailer ufficiale. Rednecks and football (Saturday 6:11pm). 4 The only topic (Friday 11:33am). Halloween (Thursday 6:15pm). Clips: Season 1 (Saturday 12:30pm). Production The Nora I liked (Thursday 10:16am). 2 (Saturday 9:27pm). Lost (Saturday 1:38am). Surprise (Saturday 11:14pm). Viri's secret (Monday 3:15pm). [13] A second trailer was released on March 14, 2019 confirming the first clip would premiere on March 28. Lovleg is a drama comedy about Gunnhild that moves away from home at the age og 15 to attend high school in Sandane, a small town on the west coast of Norway. We are Seniors (Saturday 10:16pm). Sit ups (Thursday 10:13am). You’re his best friend (Tuesday 10:08am). Everything is perfect (Thursday 12:17pm). Miquel's ex (Saturday 5:17pm). SensaCine. Reunion (Sunday 1:17am). TRAMA GENERALE SKAM SPAIN. Vertigo (Tuesday 6:03pm). Shitty meeting (Saturday 5:38pm). What are you looking at (Tuesday 12:05pm). You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. E' arrivata alla quarta stagione, composta da 10 episodi, che debutteranno il 15 maggio su TimVision e Netflix (che dal primo gennaio propone anche le prime stagioni). Wednesday 11:23am. 35:23. [2] The season first clip was released on September 8, making it fifth remake to be released, and the first episode premiered on September 16. You have me (Tuesday 11:16am). Break up with Miquel (Saturday 11:45am). PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti intervista Ludovico Bessegato, Sumaya Abdel Qader e Beatrice Bruschi, regista e showrunner, consulente alla sceneggiatura ed attrice della serie tv Skam. Coward (Thursday 05:03pm). Goodbye (Saturday 7:37pm). Monday 3:22pm. Don’t tell Jorge anything (Tuesday 5:48pm). In my fucking face (Saturday 23:25). Exposed as the portrait of a generation, Skam Spain opted for a cast full of talent in which highlight the protagonists Alba Planas (Eva), Nicole Wallace (Nora), Irene Ferreiro (Cristina), Hajar Brown (Amira) and Celia Monedero ( Viri). Double couples (Friday 10:13pm). (Thursday 1:25pm). Party girl (Saturday 7:56pm). Always Upset (Thursday 2:35pm). La serie è il remake dell’omonima serie norvegese iniziata nel 2015 e conclusa nel 2017. Clips: Sisters forever (Tuesday 2:32pm). Toast (Thursday 1:15pm). Producer(s) Send him a fucking WhatsApp (Thursday 1:46pm). Clips: What a pig (Monday 10:21am). Think twice (Saturday 11:46pm). Blackmail (Thursday 11:17am). Clips: Get out of my head (Monday 2:32pm). Seasons Written by I have to be honest (Thursday 6:03pm). With Ludovica Martino, Beatrice Bruschi, Greta Ragusa, Federico Cesari. Sick (Tuesday 11:16am). [14] The second season's first episode premiered on April 1, changing the full episode airdate from Sundays to Mondays. Friendzone (Wednesday 2:28pm). September 16, 2018 - October 25, 2020 A nice gesture (Tuesday 11:37am). 1 (Saturday 7:16pm). Pt. I don't want to keep talking (Friday 2:31pm). A gennaio 2020 è arrivata la terza parte de Le Terrificanti Avventure di Sabrina, ispirata ai fumetti omonimi degli Archie Comics è creata da Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, stesso autore di Riverdale e non a caso le due serie tv sono ambientate nello stesso universo. Friday 11:25am. The end (Saturday 4:57pm). If you need something, ask (Saturday 5:17pm). Skam España is a 30 minute comedy-drama-romance starring Alba Planas as Eva Vázquez, Irene Ferreiro as Cris Soto and Nicole Wallace as Nora Grace. Alba PlanasIrene Ferreiro Nicole Wallace Celia Monedero Hajar Brown It was you (Sunday 12:32am). She moves into a big house ... See full summary ». Saturday 9:22pm. See more ideas about Shirt outfit women, Shirt outfit, Women. 28:46. Netflix; Cerca: SKAM SPAIN LINK EPISODI WEB SERIE. The right moment (Thursday 11:33am). The debt (Friday 7:20pm). Viri's comeback (Tuesday 11:31am). @Eva_the.wh0re (Tuesday 11:36am). New girl (Monday 11:36am). German adaptation of SKAM. Wednesday 2:32pm. Country Three’s a crowd (Friday 1:45pm). SKAM languages. Universtiy party (Friday 11:46pm). Reading Time: 3 minutes. [22] However the clips that have Viri's POV will not be uploaded to YouTube and will be exclusive to Movistar+. The series premiered on Sun Sep 16, 2018 on Movistar+ and The losers (S04E08) last aired on Sun Oct 25, 2020. Take it slow (Friday 10:34pm). Clips: How was the long weekend? With Alba Planas, Hajar Brown, Irene Ferreiro, Nicole Wallace. Friday 6:38pm. It sucks to be dumped (Friday 11:08am). Skam has some beautifully constructed dialoges - but the one between Nora and Sana in s02 is a masterpiece - both in acting and content. Hai terminato le quattro stagioni disponibili su TIM Vision e Netflix di SKAM Italia e adesso non sai proprio cosa guardare nell'attesa dell'annuncio ufficiale della quinta stagione. IL FENOMENO SKAM Ho scoperto tardivamente il fenomeno SKAM (letteralmente “vergogna”), una web serie creata in Norvegia nel 2015 e successivamente esportata in altri Paesi, tra cui Francia, Spagna e Italia, che l’hanno adattata con una propria produzione. Puoi quindi godere dei contenuti di TIMVision Plus in diversi modi su PC, Tablet, Smartphone ma per chi vuol star comodo sdraiato sul proprio divano anche su una Smart Tv. Forgive me (Friday 12:31pm). This FAQ is empty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Shows how teenagers deal with real life and it's fully accurate regarding several aspects such us relationships, friendship, religion, values... Hope there is a fifth!! Each season is told from a different person's point of view. It fucks with me that it fucks with me (Tuesday 2:27am). It only happens to me (Saturday 9:50pm). Carrot Cake (Wednesday 5:04pm). 38 (+1 special) Not down for it (Thursday 6:23pm). Another one (Wednesday 11:10pm). It wasn't him (Monday 11:32am). Starting with Season 2, clips are posted onto YouTube. Tuesday 10:18am. (Saturday 9:21pm). TV series about a high school philosophy teacher, Merlí, who teaches in an original way, and about the students of his class, including his own son, and the relationship, friendship, love, and problems among the students of the class. Lesbian (Thursday 16:15). Do you know what a Pomeranian is? And who is he? I can't help it (Saturday 5:46pm). The first drink (Friday 9:15pm). Summer again (Sunday 6:45pm). Ignore her (Wednesday 5:45pm). The series accompanies a group of 16-year-olds on the journey of their life following their day to day in real time. High quality Movistar gifts and merchandise. What a shitty film (Wednesday 5:47pm). Viriandro (Thursday 11:25am). Saturday 11:43pm. Are you a lesbian? 17 Netflix Shows Not In The English Language That Are Worth Your Time. The fucking worst (Thursday 11:31am). The story follows young teenagers as they go to high-school. May 15, 2020 - Explore Me Un's board "Shirt outfit women" on Pinterest. (Saturday 9:17pm). Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. HOT Daily 24H. This hoe (Friday 4:48pm). [12] A teaser trailer was released on March 5, revealing that the season main would be Cris. Like her (Saturday 8:57pm). [23] An article from Wonx also stated that, each full episode will be released on Sundays from April 12 onward, but will also include exclusive clips from the perspective of other characters.[24]. Un successo confermato anche da Skam Italia, creata nel 2018 da Ludovico Bessegato con Cross Productions per TimVision. Clips: But what the hell is your deal? 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Faking sick (Wednesday 4:16pm). He didn’t see me (Tuesday 11:14am). Title: Your picture forever (Saturday 9:17am). Jet Lag (Saturday 4:30pm). You’re a bastard (Friday 11:12am). Los temas en los que se centra esta serie son: acoso sexual, feminismo, bullying, homofobia, fatofobia o islamofobia. Use the HTML below. Clips: What if Joana does not love me? Pissed off (Saturday 7:25pm). Madrid, Spain [19] The full episodes for the season will premiere on Sundays, starting on January 12. I’m sorry (Saturday 1:30pm). Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. Visualizza altre idee su serie tv, bisessuale, irene. Series Info View production, box office, & company info, Spanish TV Industry Adjusts to Harsh Realities of the Coronavirus Crisis, Spanish Remake Of ‘Skam’ Returns to Movistar + on March 28, TV shows that have watched or are watching. Distopia molto particolare in cui in una vita di povertà e degrado solo un piccola percentuale della popolazione può svoltare e andare a vivere "dall'altra parte" all'insegna di ricchezza e … The real show (Saturday 10:47pm). Ecstasy (Friday 12:46am). TIM Vision Plus è una piattaforma di streaming e come tutti i suoi concorrenti è disponibile in casa e in mobilità attraverso l'uso di una connessione a internet. Tell me the truth (Wednesday 8:17am). Skam France follows five french girls as they go to high-school. (Monday 8:16am). Do recon (Wednesday 5:02pm). End of year class trip!!! The invitation (Tuesday 2:30pm). Sunday 2:28am. Spagna Germania ... Italia-Francia, Maurizio Battista e Skam Italia 4: cosa guardare IN TV OGGI ... SERIE TV: Skam Italia, da mezzanotte su Netflix - La quarta stagione. Begoña ÁlvarezJosé Ramón Ayerra Production Company(s) You did the right thing (Sunday 12:31am). Episodes Shit’s going down (Saturday 10:38pm). [15][16] Casting for Season 3 began July 2019[17] and filming started on October 2. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/mipcom-european-networks-jump-adaptations-scandi-sensation-shame-1048903, https://twitter.com/MovistarPlus/status/1036908992809902080, https://twitter.com/skammovistar/status/1077856791311073280?lang=en, https://twitter.com/justpiine/status/1039505934714843136, https://twitter.com/MovistarPlus/status/1039621446807547905, https://twitter.com/SkamMovistar/status/1078692678915764225, https://mobile.twitter.com/SkamMovistar/status/1101584460103983104, https://mobile.twitter.com/SkamMovistar/status/1101594211969912833, https://mobile.twitter.com/SkamMovistar/status/1101774594061545472, https://mobile.twitter.com/SkamMovistar/status/1101848506736758784, https://mobile.twitter.com/SkamMovistar/status/1102162453847261185, http://skamespana.movistarplus.es/teaser-temp-2/, http://skamespana.movistarplus.es/temporada-2-skam-espana/, https://fueradeseries.com/skam-espana-tercera-temporada-exclusiva-4a543619d906, https://twitter.com/MovistarPlus/status/1141329788419944449, https://comunicacion.movistarplus.es/email/skam-espana-regresa-el-proximo-10-de-enero-con-una-tercera-temporada-protagonizada-por-nora/, https://comunicacion.movistarplus.es/email/skam-espana-tendra-por-primera-vez-una-coprotagonista-viri/, https://skam.fandom.com/wiki/Skam_España?oldid=11281, "La persona adecuada, el momento adecuado". SKAM ESPAÑA is a portrait of the generation of boys and girls born since the year 2000. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Stress-induced herpes (Monday 8:15am). High-quality Espana pillows, tapestries, mugs, blankets, shower curtains, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, and magnets by independent artists. The slut round (Saturday 9:10pm). Frog eyes (Friday 1:26pm). An adaptation was confirmed along with a German, French, Italian and Dutch versions by The Hollywood Reporter in October 2017.[1]. The End Of The F***ing World è una serie Netflix ... Il Genio Dello Streaming Skam Spagna Il Genio Dello Streaming Skam Italia 4 Il Genio Dello Streaming Skam Italia Stagione 1 Il Genio Dello Streaming Skam … The story of young teenagers and pupils on Hartvig Nissens upper secondary school in Oslo, and their troubles, scandals and everyday life. Running Time Domingo CorralIsmael CallejaFran AraujoRafa TaboadaPilar BlascoBegoña Álvarez Clips: Whatever I want (Sunday 10:32pm). Will Jorge come? A real stage (Friday 5:17pm). They’re targeting her (Wednesday 11:15am). Clips: Lucas' thing (Monday 11:17am). Release Skam España Serie Completa Remake de la serie noruega Skam, esta versión presenta un retrato de jóvenes de 16 años nacidos desde 2000. Certificate: Tous publics Clips: Almost (Sunday 10:13pm). We don't have to see each other everyday (Saturday 6:34pm). Pt. Adrenaline rush (Monday 11:31am). 88 talking about this. Two tickets (Tuesday 2:30pm). A teaser trailer was released on Movistar+'s Twitter account on September 4, 2018. Unknown (Monday 11:17am). (Monday 8:19am). Nora's smile (Monday 11:17am). Alone (Monday 8:19am). Original network Almost like always (Friday 5:32pm). Skam English. You got me (Tuesday 11:14am). È una soluzione legale al 100% che vi permetterà di accedere alla produzione originale presente su Netflix Italia catalogo senza problemi. Dependence on social media, how they face sex, love and ruptures, the search of their identity and the need to fit in. Leave, Nora (Friday 4:45pm). Stay a few more minutes (Wednesday 2:32pm). In September 2018, a second season was confirmed,[4][5] casting began in November[6] and filming began January 2019. Be like everyone else (Wednesday 6:29pm). Alejandro calls (Friday 11:16pm). The condition (Saturday 9:30pm). Starring Don’t obsess (Wednesday 12:36pm). Clips: Ignoring everybody (Monday 8:16am). (Wednesday 11:16am). I don’t get you (Saturday 8:40pm). Skam España shares the same set up as the original series, which is posting clips throughout the week as well as social media posts and texts. Spanish Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. (Friday 10:02pm). Clips: Late for what? Entro la fine del 2020 è annunciato l'arrivo della quarta e ultima parte della serie. Skam, Season 2, Episode 4, English Subtitles. Un teen drama fresco, realistico e che fa riflettere. [20] On December 28, a second trailer for the season was released from the perspective of Viri, indicating that the season will also focus on her point of view. ... Dalla Spagna: La casa di carta. All or nothing (Thursday 2:31pm). SKAM España Raccolte di The Last Anonymus. Since its premiere in 2015 in Norway, SKAM broke audience records, it was praised by critics and audiences, swept Norwegian television awards and has been sold to the US, (Skam Austin, broadcast on Facebook), in addition to France, Germany, or Italy, among other territories. I made you flip (Saturday 12:05am). Clips: Fuckboy (Friday 5:46pm). Hot chocolate and churros (Tuesday 5:32am). What would you know about him paying attention to me or not (Thursday 5:30pm). Shitty meeting pt.2 (Saturday 6:38pm). Our moment (Friday 7:46pm). What if it’s better this way? A sexual thing (Wednesday 11:15am). Directed by (Monday 11:15am). Minute by minute (Wednesday 4:46pm). Friends (Tuesday 6:46pm). The rights for Spain were acquired by Movistar +, which decided to trust Zeppelin (Endemol Shine Iberia) to develop SKAM ESPAÑA. Scritto il 3 Giugno 2019 18 Ottobre 2020 Chiara. (Sunday 10:39pm). The story of a group teenagers on a secondary school in Utrecht, The Netherlands. SKAM Season 2 Episode 6 ENGLISH SUBS. Skam España Add the first question. Clips: Joan of Arc (Monday 10:42am). Their doubts, their problems, their feelings, what they think, what they want and, above all, what they don't say and what they are ashamed of. Clips: Hugo's party (Thursday 10:42pm). Spain Drama. Friday 4:29pm. Wednesday 1:30pm. How backwards of Wisconsin (Monday 11:16am). You need this (Wednesday 2:23pm). [21] In a press release from Movistar, it was confirmed that Viri will have her point of view featured but Nora will still serve as the main protagonist of the season. Dangerous Liaisons (Saturday 5:43pm). Estíbaliz Burgaleta (S1-4) Beatriz Arias (S1-4)Jon de la Cuesta (S1-2)Alberto Grondona (S3-4)Sergio Granda (S4) Todos los vídeos. Each season is told from a different person's point of view. 16-45 minutes Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, … Have you fucked him? The first trailer for Season 4 was released on March 11, confirming that the main would be Amira for the season, as well as the premiere date of the first clip which will be released on April 9. I didn't know you have a boyfriend (Tuesday 12:33pm). Clips: You and me (Sunday 10:34). NRK. Almost three (Sunday 2:48am). 4. Clips: Did Inés come over? Party! A call (Thursday 11:45pm). L'unico trailer in italiano della serie Netflix "The end of the fucking world" lo trovate solo su questo canale. Skam España Concert (Saturday 10:02pm). Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. You don't have any problems (Saturday 6:16pm). Julie Andem An italian version of the acclaimed and innovative Norwegian youth series Skam, which follows a group of teenagers in their everyday life of school, love and leisure time. What has been the worst? Google Drive is a safe place for all your files. Skam España è una serie televisiva spagnola adolescenziale del 2018 creata da Begoña Álvarez e José Ramón Ayerra. Whaat?? Eloy speaks (Tuesday 5:46pm). Iftar (Saturday 8:30pm). (2018–2020). Their doubts, their problems, their feelings, what they think, what they want and, above all, what they don't say and what they are ashamed of. Get started today. At least ten minutes (Tuesday 2:31pm). Hangover (Saturday 12:57pm). Clips: I give you my blessing (Monday 8:18am). Your boy is blind as fuck (Saturday 10:13pm). Clips: Internet forums (Monday 11:02am). Remove contact (Tuesday 4:32pm). Dalla Norvegia: Skam. On this slightly spoiler-filled IMDbrief, let's determine which brain-busting fan theories were able to crack the code on Tenet. SKAM ESPAÑA is a portrait of the generation of boys and girls born since the year 2000. Clips: Trust (Sunday 10:16pm). Fucking cats (Friday 7:26pm). Clips: Doubts (Sunday 10:47pm). (Saturday 1:15am). Seven young roller hockey players and their new coach will fight to save the female section of Club Pati Minerva, while trying to find their place, both inside and outside the team. The scare (Friday 11:45pm). Good friends (Thursday 12:31pm). Double betrayal (Monday 2:38pm). Clips: Happy New Year (Tuesday 1:06am). Are you scared of water? A long time with the same girl (Thursday 11:30am). Language [18] On December 16, a teaser trailer was released revealing the premiere date, January 10, 2020 and the season main, Nora. Wet blanket (Tuesday 11:23am). Don't get mad (Friday 5:46pm). (Monday 11:32am). (Monday 11:12am). Descubre los 12 episodios de la temporada 1 para la serie Skam España. Clips: On and off (Monday 12:16pm). (Friday 10:16pm). (Monday 7:55am). Friends colleagues (Wednesday 11:17am). Punch (Saturday 7:02pm). A promo for a New Year's Eve special was released December 26,[3] the special was released January 1, 2019. (Monday 8:15am). The story of young teenagers and pupils in a high school in Antwerp, and their troubles, scandals and everyday life. Guru (Friday 11:33am). Fear of screwing up (Thursday 7:04pm). Emma's goodbye (Wednesday 6:00pm).

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